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Croatia’s «Jadran Film’s» series «Macedonia» (!!)

Posted by olympiada στο Νοέμβριος 12, 2017

By Vladislav Perunović,
Skopje, FYROM

Tt was announced that TV series «Macedonia» (!!) it is going to be a brief (in terms of number of episodes) standard soap opera which will be distributed worldwide for TV viewers.

The plot involves an American who goes to «Makedonija» in order to make a documentary but various individuals from other Balkan ethnic groups contact him and try to talk him out of that or influence his filming. The happy end is that he falls in love with a «Makedonka» and marries her.

«Jadran Film» is one of major movie production houses in South-East Europe, it has a tradition of excellence that involved a number of co-productions with Hollywood and other Western filming centers from the times of former Yugoslavia.

So, this popularization of «Macedonia» with high-quality film production will influence a certain number of people in audience countries with propagation of lies and stereotypes.

The distribution of the s.c. «Makedonija» series was agreed for 9 countries; the entire project costs 4,600,000 euros.

The official trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iXP4peB4as


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