Leaked emails reveal Bill Clinton secretly met with Putin ahead of #UraniumOne deal


New developments over the Clinton family’s bribery case by Russian officials in exchange for the sale of US uranium deposits to companies of Russian interests revealed by Olympia.gr.

Bill Clinton’s new leaked emails reveal that before the $ 500,000 bribe donation … for a 90-minute speech in Russia in 2010, Bill Clinton asked permission from the State Department to meet with Russian officials, including Arkady Dvorkovich, senior adviser to Dmitry Medvedev and one of the top government officials on the board of the Russian Rosatom nuclear power company.

Second on the list was the name of Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg, appointed by Medvedev to oversee a new technology project called Skolkovo, also known as the Russian Sillicon Valley. The project was discussed a few days earlier between Hillary Clinton and Medvedev during her official visit to Moscow …

As part of his speech, which took place just a few days after Hillary returned from an official visit to Moscow, Bill Clinton sought meetings with the official on the pretext that he wanted to “help a relative to expand his business partnerships with Russian oligarchs”.

As The Hill reveals, Bill Clinton eventually met secretly with Vladimir Putin in the private home of the Russian leader just a few months before the US uranium deposits deal in Russian interests Rosatom and Uranium One, with senior executives -cooperatives of the Russian President.

AS FIRST DISCLOSED BY OLYMPIA, the sale was approved by a committee, which Hillary Clinton attended as Secretary of State in October 2010, after having received a donation of $ 145 million to the Clinton Foundation, accompanied by a huge $ 500,000 Bill Clinton’s 90-minute speech.



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