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Skopje – 2014″ and Gypsy Architecture in Skopje (Video)

Posted by olympiada στο Ιουλίου 3, 2017

By Vladislav Perunović,
Skopje, FYROM

The well-known to the Greek public “Skopje 2014“ Pseudo-Macedonian project (which shall be demolished soon by the new government) tried to hide the ugly reality that accounts for large portions of the city of Skopje. This video presents a Gypsy/Roma neighborhood in Skopje, a city that is World’s capital of Roma. The official estimation of c. 60.000 Roma in FYROM is probably very inaccurate, given that most Roma families never register their undocumented children in the official registries. Adding to the situation is a demographic burst of Roma. This brief video shows Roma architecture typical of some 20% of Skopje’s urban surface.


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