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Russian Academia: Ptolemaic Egypt was Hellenic (Video)

Posted by olympiada στο Ιουνίου 19, 2017

Screen_SGUBy Vladislav Perunović,
Skopje, FYROM

Although the subject of Hellenic ethnicity of ancient Macedonia has been exhausted, given the international consensus (which from 2006 to early 2017 was only opposed in Nikola Gruevski’s FYROM), the readers should be reminded that even in Slavic countries, like Russia, the truthfulness on this subject is preserved and propagated through mass-media. In this case, the video, whose content is clear and non-ambiguous, aired on popular Russian education channel SGU TV, states the well-known facts regarding Egypt in the epoch of Ptolemaic rule. Sapienti sat!

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwOHKRxxrIw


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