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Russian Academic Endorsed by Kremlin on Hellenism of Macedonia (Video)

Posted by olympiada στο Μαΐου 20, 2017

RF_DefinitionBy Vladislav Perunović,
Skopje, FYROM

The excerpt from the following video, narrated by one of Russia’s foremost academic, the historian and linguist Svetlana A. Gerasimova, demonstrate clearly, in a non-ambiguous and concise manner that Hellenistic epoch, one of the most important and far-reaching periods of history of humankind, is a manifestation of Hellenic national spirit.
The video is part of a academic project by Russia’s North-West Institute of Management, sponsored and officially endorsed by the Office of President of Russian Federation.

It is conceptualized as a compendium of scientific matters presented online and written in popular, easy to understand language, with minimum of jargon or complex expressions. As it may be seen from the relevant cuts from the lecture, the Greek essence of Hellenistic epoch is explicitly affirmed and relies both on common knowledge (practically known everywhere, except in FYROM during the now over epoch of Nikola Gruevski (2006-2017) as well as the back-up of Kremlin.

But the chief quality of the brief recapitulation of ancient history is the reasoning based on fact which are well attested with rigorous academic activity. The origin of the term “Hellenistic”, the character of elites in Alexander’s Empire and its successor state and the Hellenocentric qualities of the culture of that epoch are clearly explained.


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