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Russian Prof. Nataliya Basovska: Alexander the Great was a Pan-Hellenist (Audio)

Posted by netakias.com στο Μαρτίου 6, 2017

Russian Prof. Nataliya Basovska: Alexander the Great was a Pan-Hellenist (Audio)

Vladislav Perunović

In these excerpts from the interview «Alexander of Macedonia» featuring academic Nataliya Basovska, professor of historical sciences on RGGU ( Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow), published on November 11, 2016 on «Sinus», a Russian academic public education YT channel for debates, interviews and lectures by and with scholars the Pan-Hellenic psychological character of Alexander the Great is recognized. Prof. Basovska(ya) is one of the Russia’s most popular historians, known for her vast erudition and synthesis of historical fact, mostly regarding the biographies of famous historical persons.


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