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Posted by olympiada στο Σεπτεμβρίου 22, 2009

On Monday night, the six leaders of the most corrupt country on Earth, had a TV debate. Basil Venitis points out that most Greek MPs shared two billion euros in kickbacks, but Siemens refuses to publish their names. The rest MPs are also guilty, because enenthough they heard the suitcases of cash whistling around them, they did not blow their whistle. Since Greeks are now dragged to snap elections on October 4 under omerta conditions, the safest route would be the abstention. We should convince all Greeks to abstain from voting. Graecokleptocrats running for the Greek parliament are the shitscum of Greek society. The best vote is no-vote! We applaud Drasi, the best political party of Greece, for refusing to participate in the infamous elections of October 4.

Greeks do not have much choice in the infamous elections of October 4. Pasok is a socialist party of kleptocrats, Nea Democratia is a center-right party of kleptocrats, Syriza is the sink of the leftovers of Pasok, KKE is the toilet of Pasok, LA.O.S is the sink of Nea Democratia, and Ecologists are camouflaged socialists. Drasi, the only honest party worth voting for, abstains from the infamous elections of October 4. Therefore, with Drasi out of the picture, the no-party is the best party! Abstaining from voting, Greeks could send a powerful message that they are as mad as hell with kleptocracy, and they cannot take it anymore. Vote for no-one!

The teledebate of political party leaders of the six parties represented in the National and European Parliament started at 8pm. Costas Caramanlis of Nea Democratia, George Papandreou of Pasok, Aleka Papariga of KKE, Alexis Tsipras of Syriza, George Caratzaferis of LA.O.S , and Nikos Hrisagelos of Ecologists responded to questions covering 6 thematic units posed by six journalists. There was not thematic unit for Graecokleptocracy! NET state television channel anchor Maria Houkli was the coordinator of the television debate.

In response to a question regarding economic policy, primeminister Costas Caramanlis, the most corrupt primemnster on Earth, lied that his corrupt Government made strong efforts to control public expenditures which temporarily brought state-deficit down. Comical Costas referred to the global financial crisis whose impacts request stricter measures and difficult decisions which are not pleasant to Greeks. He hoodwinked of the road of pseudoresponsibility in contrast to pleasant solutions and pseudoadmitted having made mistakes but underlined that the stupid measures announced were necessary to prevent even stricter interventions in the future. He also mentioned that people honored him twice with their vote and are mature enough to realize which stand serves the country’s interest.

In response to where he is going to find the sum of money to materialize his program, leader of opposition Papandreou, who is also the president of Socialist International, blamed Nea Democratia’s stupid economic policy, pointing out to waste in public expenditures and clientism. He stressed that his stupid socialistic policy would be based on three axes, carcinogenic public expenditures, redistribution of wealth through a fair taxation system, and stimulus to jump start economy. He underlined that he would support green development which he maintained was a realistic program he would negotiate with the EU. Finally he said that he would ask the EU extension of deadline to bring deficit down presenting a 3-year growth program.

Although the worldwide popularity of debates is particularly evident at this moment in time, it has taken many decades for the tradition to take root around the globe. Even in countries with established histories of campaign debates, the institution remains fragile, wholly dependent on the willingness of candidates to confront their opponents in a live, unscripted setting. As history has shown, this can be a dangerous game for its star players, because debates are more easily lost than won.

America’s Kennedy-Nixon debates in 1960 moved debates to the tiptop event on television. Political observers were surprised when Richard Nixon accepted John Kennedy’s challenge to a series of four joint TV appearances. Although Nixon considered himself the superior communicator, it was Kennedy who approached the debates more seriously, preparing for the events with long hours of study and intense practice sessions with aides. Kennedy even made sure he had a good tan before the first debate, so that he would not look pale on camera. In the end, John F. Kennedy prevailed as the clear winner, proving the power of live debates. So frightening was this lesson that another 16 years would pass before the American debate tradition resumed with Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.

The political parties split voters into two groups, those who are for them and those who are against. There is also a very large group of undecided voters. You can try and win over these guys, but it’s difficult to win citizens who are pissed off with kleptocrats. Consultants and opinion pollsters have taken all the spontaneity out of politics. In a deliberately vicious and ruthless campaign a lot of voters turn away in disgust. The abstention might damage bully’s opponent more than the bully. The bully could make the race so obnoxious that he could merely discourage people from voting. Bully’s deliberately dirty campaign might turn off voters who may vote against him.

The scales will tip toward the party that manages to motivate its supporters to come out and vote for it. The ability of a politician to rally his people decides the election outcome, not his or her ability to woo the supporters of the competition. It works the other way round too. If you manage to keep more of your opponent’s voters at home than your own, you take the lead. You could describe this as success through a demobilization of voters. It is not a particularly appetizing procedure but, if it works, it can secure an election win.

Public support for democracy is a sensitive resource. If you convince people that they can follow an election on TV without ever having to take part, it will be difficult to win them back. Kleptocrats claim the people are well represented in parliament. But this is an illusion, because those who never vote are not included. The real number of citizens who feel represented in government grows smaller all the time, and this is the main byproduct of kleptocracy.

Eurokleptocracy thrives on waste, fraud, and abuse(WFA), and Europeans who don’t know what they’re talking about. European Union(EU), aka Eldorado of Underworld, a vampire confederation of the absurd, condones the antivenitist European Commission(EC), aka Eldorado of Corruption, the European Parliament(EP), aka Eldorado of Prostitutes, Pasok and Nea Democratia, the two most corrupt political parties on Earth. No Graecokleptocrat has ever gone to jail! Basil Venitis asserts that impunity of Graecokleptocrats is the most freakish justice in the world!

Venitis notes the outrageous total immunity of Graecokleptocrats is the most disgusting thing on Earth! These untouchable shitscums of the Greek parliament and the Greek government rob billions of euros form the Treasury, churn billions of euros of the nest eggs and pension funds of poor workers, grant valuable public land to gay monasteries in exchange for huge kickbacks, receive billion-euro-kickbacks for purchasing arms from US and Russia, and receive billion-euro-kickbacks from Siemens, JPMorgan, Man, and other corrupt companies in exchange for lucrative contracts, elimination of antitrust penalties, and purchasing overpriced defective equipmemt, airplanes that cannot balance, and helicopters that fall down!

Venitis points out the Greek youth heroically revolts against Graecokleptocracy with fights, molotovs, marches, strikes, demonstrations, and many slogans against Graecokleptocrats and Christollahs. Young Greeks are as mad as hell, and they are not going to take Graecokleptocracy anymore! They usually demonstrate in Syntagma Square outside the parliament with Greek flags, and singing the Greek anthem and La Marseillaise:
Allons enfants de la Patrie, Come, children of the Fatherland,
Le jour de gloire est arrive ! The day of glory has arrived!
Contre nous de la tyrannie, Against us, tyranny….

Plato and Aristotle asserted that different regimes produce different types of human beings, and regimes ought to be judged by the character of their citizens. In Europe, the growth of interventionist welfare state has damaged personal responsibility and integrity, fostered dependence, undermined families, rejected venitism, and promoted corruption. Especially in Greece, the most corrupt country on Earth, Graecokleptocracy is accepted as a normal thing, and most Greeks rely on graft, sinecures, cheating, incivility, cacodemony, cancer of socialism, jingoism, religionism, lies, and kickbacks. The character of modern Greece of the 300 Graecokleptocrats is the opposite of the character of ancient Greece of the 300 Spartans of Leonidas.

Venitis notes that Greeks are constrained in a Byzantine web of kleptocracy, regulations, legislation and bureaucracy. Gregory’s tax is the kickback you pay public employees for fast service. Gregory means fast in Greek. Without Gregory, you will wait for ever! It is a mess, and the status quo cannot be defended. It should be reformed.

Blaming economic crises on greed is like blaming plane crashes on gravity. Certainly planes wouldn’t crash if it wasn’t for gravity. But when thousands of planes fly millions of miles every day without crashing, explaining why a particular plane crashed because of gravity gets you nowhere. Neither does talking about greed, which is constant like gravity.

Venitis has proven that Eurokleptocracy, gigaregulation, Antitrust Armageddon, and gigataxation, especially VAT, are the real causes of the European financial meltdown. Democracy in Europe has deteriorated to kleptocracy, and Europeans are mad as hell. The European Court of Auditors(ECA) refuses to issue a Declaration of Assurance(DAS) of the fraudulent EU budget for the fifteenth consecutive year! There is a major armed revolt of Europeans against antivenitist Eurokleptocrats, which will not end until all Eurokleptocrats, especially Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth, are hanged in front of the parliaments!

Athens, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Salonica, and many other European cities are on rule of gangs, molotovs, anarchy, kristallnacht, hooded terror, and pandemonium. Siemens and JPMorgan, the two most corrupt companies on Earth, refuse to name all antivenitist Eurokleptocrats, especially Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth, who got billion-euro-kickbacks, in omerta cahoots with primeministers, perjurers, and crooked judges. Venitists call all people to boycott Siemens and JPMorgan.

Venitis notes the relationship of the Eldorado of Underworld(EU) to its slave States can be fairly described as synergy in kleptocracy! When Greece joined EU in 1981, Greeks hoped EU could control Graecokleptocracy. Instead, to their horror and great disappointment, they saw EU encouraging Graecokleptocracy and imposing the hateful VAT on poor Greeks. Graecokleptocracy fully resonates with Eurokleptocracy! All Eurokleptocrats now emulate Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth!

Vatmonger Emperor Barroso of the European Commission(EC), aka Eldorado of Corruption, is in cahoots with antivenitist Graecokleptocrats, to completely enslave Greeks to Brussels, and yoke poor Greeks with VAT. EU, a Theater of the Absurd, brought no catharsis, but a new layer of vatpachyderm kleptocracy, climaxed with the JPMorgan scandal and the Siemens scandal! The new EU treaty under consideration is just an ergonomy of Eurokleptocracy!

Antivenitist taxmonger kleptocrats, especially Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth, extend generosity and largesse to corrupt corporations, such as JPMorgan, Siemens, Man, and gun dealers, gay monasteries, such as those of Mount Athos, and terrorist countries, such as Turkey which terrorizes EU islands every single day! But the present kleptocracy is hardly an aberration. Nor is it confined to a single antivenitist administration or political party. The institutionalization of handouts and corporate welfare usually occurs behind the guise of job creation, earmarks, cutting red tape, and other fig leaves.

Venitis notes that JPMorgan and Siemens are the most infamous trademarks of Eurokleptocracy, helping Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptocrats with billion-euro-kickbacks. JPMorgan engineered the grand churning of Greek pension funds, but antivenitist labor union leaders keep their mouths shut, in exchange for seats in the parliament! Siemens has deposited two billion euros in the secret offshore accounts of Graecokleptocrats, in exchange for lucrative contracts. No huge kickbacks means no lucrative contracts, pure and simple! A new coup d’etat plans to hang all Graecokleptocrats in front of the Greek parliament!

Democracy is very expensive, very inefficient, and extremely corruptive. Kleptocrats, especially Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth, buy votes with pork, boondoggles, sinecures, and favors, raid nest eggs, churn pension funds and the Social Insurance, rob the treasury, and get huge kickbacks from JPMorgan, Siemens, Man, gun dealers, construction companies, and gay monasteries. It’s high time to end this antivenitist freakish cycle which spirals out of control to complete destruction, and replace democracy with venitism.

Michael Christoforakos, the former president of Siemens Hellas, set a videocamera in his Siemens office, producing DVDs starring 200 Graecokleptocrats, kept at two public notaries. Christoforakos has the tiptop Greek politicians on DVD kowtowing to him for more kickbacks in exchange for lucrative overpriced contracts! 7 ministers and 80 MPs of Pasok, 5 ministers and 73 ministers of Nea Democratia, and 20 journalists shared two billion euros of kickbacks. Christoforakos, who now lives in Munich, identified former party treasurers John Bartholomew of Nea Democratia and Costas Geitonas of Pasok as the political figures who negotiated the kickbacks. Siemens set aside 10% of the revenue it received from state contracts to pay off Nea Democratia and Pasok as part of a bribery system that ran from 1975 to 2007.

Charlemagne’s efforts to resurrect the Roman Empire have been succeeded over a millennium later by the multipronged armadas of Eurokleptocrats steadily enslaving Europe. Venitis muses from Charlemagne to charlatan! Emperor Barroso is not Charlemagne, but charlatan! He cannot stop Graecokleptocracy. Barroso’s smile has become thin and helpless. From time to time, he loses his habitual fixed smile, and a gray veil seems to descend over his tanned face. He has frequent nightmares of Graecokleptocrats robbing the EU Cohesion Fund, the retirement funds of poor Greek workers, and the Greek Treasury.

These are tough times for the emperor of the European Union(EU), aka Eldorado of Underworld. And Barroso walking into the European Parliament(EP), aka Eldorado of Prostitutes, is a particularly difficult experience. Barroso has turned into a tragicomic figure, who cannot control Greece, the most corrupt country on Earth. Hardly anyone thinks highly of Barroso anymore, a fiasco who cannot rein in Graecokleptocrats, who get million-euro-kickbacks every single day and raid the nest eggs of all Greeks. Venitis points out all Europeans are now criticizing Barroso for being very soft on Graecokleptocrats. Barroso’s desperate attempts to solicit the support of his old backers will lead to nowhwere, unless he ends Graecokleptocracy. The Eldorado of Underworld is holding on to a sadomasochist emperor, who is known to be weak, for reasons of convenience, and because the search for an alternative could lead to a greater spread of the cancer of socialism.

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